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Sri AmmaBhagavan are the global visionaries behind the Oneness phenomenon whose lives have been dedicated to accelerating the release of human suffering and help people live better lives. To know Sri AmmaBhagavan, as they are known to the millions who have benefited from their work, is to know the limitless potential of human existence when the heart is aligned with the intent in the loftiest aspirations for our world.

Sri Amma was born on August 15, 1954, in Sangam, a village in Nellore district in the state of Andrah Pradesh in India. Her parents, Smt. Penchalamma and Sri Venkaiah, knew from very early in her life that theirs was an unusual child, attuned to the needs of others and someone who found ultimate joy in the service of others. As she grew up, the young Amma was often found helping families in crisis in her progress towards cultivating a relationship with the divine.

Sri Bhagavan was born on March 7, 1949, in Natham, a village in Tamil Nadu, to Smt. VaidarbhiAmma and Sri Varadarajulu. As a teenager, Sri Bhagavan knew that the solution to the problems of our world rests in the alleviation of the deep suffering that caused neighbors to hate, families to break up, and countries to go to war.

In Sri Amma she found the same burning desire to help mankind. They were married on June 9, 1976, and founded the Jeevashram School in 1984. This institution, devoted to holistic education, became the cradle of the Oneness phenomenon.