To Set Humanity Totally and Unconditionally Free
About Oneness
Oneness Malaysia

Oneness Malaysia’s activities started in various Chinese speaking communities in 2011 to promote Oneness University India and the  teachings of Sri AmmaBhagavan throughout Malaysia.  That is “To Set Humanity Totally and Unconditionally Free” from relationship problems, health problems and wealth problems and lead them to an enlightened state. We aim at the development of the socio-spiritual aspect of every human being.

Oneness is a phenomenon. It starts by discovering oneness within oneself, oneness in the family, oneness in society and oneness in the country. It doesn’t stop there. One also then discovers oneness on the planet and oneness towards all living things and of course oneness with the universe and finally oneness with the Divine.

With lack of first hand spiritual and mystical experiences, we as people have forgotten our inner world and have become almost totally lost in and pre-occupied with the external, material world. When individuals transformed, it can lead to global transformation. So when one discovers oneness, the world discovers oneness.  Then problems are dissolved. That is the purpose of Oneness.