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Ancestor Liberation Course

When we look back at our lives, do we have problems that could not be resolved no matter how much effort is used? Sri AmmaBhagavan said, “ There is no problems in our lives that does not have a solution, but there are 3 main causes for the obstacles in our lives. They are Relationships, Karma and Ancestor Liberation”.

Whether our ancestors are liberated or not has a major effect on their family descendants, and these ancestors from our past 7 generations would directly impact our lives.

We should pray to our ancestors all the time. It's a fact that many of our ancestors have yet to be One with the golden light or merge with the Divine. If we have problems that keep recurring or repeating in our lives without having a solution, it could be that our ancestors have not attained liberation yet. If our ancestors were not liberated, it would cause problems in our lives.

Our ancestors play a very major role in our lives, without them we would not be able to exist in this world. Our cells inherited the DNA of our ancestors and along with it, their characteristics, genetics, temperament and also their karma, and this would directly impact every aspect of our lives.

Once a family member passes away, they will go through a journey towards the light. However, if that person has any unfulfilled desires or attachments to someone, fame or wealth that they could not let go, they would be having negative emotions such as anger, hurt or regret during the moment of passing. This would cause them to be stuck in some lower realms during their journey towards the light, which will cause them to suffer. This in turn would impact the various aspects of our lives such as our wealth, relationships, career, health and many other aspects.

Souls of people who commit suicide would find it very difficult to see the light and thus be unable to get liberation. People who passed away due to accidents also would be ignorant to the fact that they have passed away and keep lingering at the place of the accident and unable to get liberation. Souls of aborted babies too would keep lingering around their unborn parents and cause a negative impact to their health, wealth, career and many more aspects of their lives.

So who could help them? Only their direct family descendants could help them and that is why their duty to perform ancestor liberation is so important.

So how do we help our deceased family members be free from hurt and anger, forgive and seek forgiveness, attain ancestor liberation so that the living family members could get good health, and a happy successful life? The Oneness University is offering a very sacred course blessed by the Divine grace that lets our ancestors get liberation and then send them back to the journey and be One with the light. That's the least that we could do for them.

Course Contents:

Ancestor Liberation Course is a course offered by the Oneness University that is very sacred, blessed by the Divine grace that lets our ancestors get liberation and merge with the Divine. Our ancestors are One with us, if they are stuck in one of the lower realms, our lives would also be negatively affected and it would impact us by producing obstacles and financial problems. If we could pray to our ancestors during the course, and help them attain liberation with the assistance of the Divine grace, would we be able to get more wealth, better health and relationships in our lives and also speed up our path to Awakening!