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Oneness Courses in India

Oneness University offers courses and programs throughout the world through local Oneness Trainers and their Oneness facilities.  However, to travel to India to attend courses at the Oneness Temple is a profound experience not to be missed in your journey into spiritual enlightenment.

If you have an interest in Awakening, Enlightenment and God Realization, it can happen to you.

Each year thousands of spiritual seekers attend courses here.  So they can experience the process of being touched by Grace and to experience the journey of getting awakened in this sacred place profoundly.  This journey will leave you with lasting memories and life changing experiences to flow with life naturally-not to be dominated by the ego mind.  As well as powerful sacred processes to heal negative life patterns and raise one's consciousness levels.

If you have further interest, contact your local Oneness trainer to assist.  Click onto the link to read more about the courses as well.