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What problems are our youths today experiencing?

All these are affected by our state and level of consciousness, which in turn is affected by our charges. Charges are caused by the hurt, fear, negative emotions, insecurity in our lives that are not fully experienced and are suppressed. Our charges limit and prevent us from experiencing life. Consciousness is like a ladder, we are all stuck at different stages and levels on this ladder, and consciousness would directly impact our lives. To change or improve our outer world, we need to put in effort inwardly; the same could be said of youths too.

Course Contents:

 The aim of this course is to:

“A happy person creates a happy world” – Sri AmmaBhagavan

Success and Intelligence could only happen to happy people and everybody likes happy and cheerful people. If you are happy and peaceful in your inner world, miracles and grace would easily flow into you. In this course, we are only focused on 2 things: Creating happy people and creating successful people. We would be working on the brain of the youths with the Divine grace and let the brain function in a more natural way. This is the start of a magnificent journey, which for you does not stop here and will continue for the rest of your lives. The aim of this Youth Course is to help you grown spiritually, become happy and successful people, achieve your desires and goals and lets you enjoy every stage of your life.

*Suitable for youths 13-15 years of age