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About Oneness
Oneness University India

Settled majestically at the foothills of the Vellikonda range on the eastern coast of South India, 80km north of the city of Chennai, lies the Oneness University, a center for learning and growth.

Inspired by Sri AmmaBhagavan, founded by Sri Krishnaji, the Oneness University creates an atmosphere for people to learn and grow in consciousness leading to a ‘happy’ individual and family. Catering to people of every faith and all walks of life, the University represents growth and learning in both the internal and the external spheres of life.

Oneness in many regards has a highly scientific approach, quite evident in many of the Oneness teachings and this actually comes as a relief to the many Oneness followers ranging from the younger generation and the intellectual classes, who abhor blind belief and unscientific philosophy at all levels.

This kind of a vastly liberal and truly secular approach could be attributed to a very unique perception of Oneness that the founders Sri AmmaBhagavan share, who emphasize the beauty and importance of religious and cultural freedom as every human being is unique and has to discover her/his own path. It is therefore, Sri AmmaBhagavan’s message to the world that Oneness is not necessarily about making everyone embrace the same system of belief, doctrine or tradition, but more a process of discovering the truth that is inherent in every tradition. Oneness as a concept is beautiful, as an experience is staggering.

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